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After having such a wonderful day, I knew it was going to be hard to beat. I woke up early again while the girls were still asleep and headed down to the beach. Marco was already there and we went kayaking around the island. So romantic I know, I know. lol. We had a great lunch and then it was time to head home. This made me sad, but then I remembered that home is currently Rome, so it wasn't all bad. Marco and I exchanged numbers, he said he gets to Rome often so possibly we will meet again. Then, we all piled onto the ferry and headed back to Roma. My history midterm is tomorrow so now it is time to study study study. =(

.....but on the brighter side...

I found a dance studio in Roma that offers Flamenco classes and I'm starting this week!!

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Festa nero e rosso!


The moment I woke up, I knew it was going to be a great day! Everyone else was still asleep. (hungover) But, for some reason I was feeling quite energetic and decided to go for a run around the island. The scenery was apsolutely beautiful! Although, most of the path was uphill (therefore it was more of a "walk") once I got to the top the view was breathtaking! The steep rocks were quite amazing. Anyway, the trip back into town was a lot easier and when I reached the port I jumped in the water and swam out to the rock cliff again. My adreneline must have been pumping because I decided to dive off this time!! It was extremely stimulating!

I spent the rest of the afternoon tanning on the beach and chatted with Marco for a bit, the bello from last night. He told me about a festa that was going on at the port tonight. Boys were supposed to wear black and girls were supposed to wear red. Believe it or not, even though I'm a heavy packer, I didnt have anything red. =( So, this was the perfect excuse to go shopping! I found a gorgeous red sarong to tie around my waist, perfect for an island party!

I went kayaking later that afternoon then got ready for a boat tour. This was included in our travel package and was well worth it! Luckily all of the other lazy Americans on the trip were too tired/bored to meet at the port so it was just me the girls I was staying with! Oh- and of course our hot sailor/tour guide. He directed us around the island poiting out the different rock crystalizations and even a natural impression of several faces, amazing.
That night at the festa, I danced and danced and danced. The DJ played everything from techno to salsa (my personal favorite). I danced alone, with the girls, with Marco, with an old woman and with plenty of ragazzi! It was a great time!

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Breath Easy


My trip began at 6AM!! Way too early. Twenty five other students and I boarded a bus and drove to Naples. It was a nice day and thanks to the bumpy ride, I was able to enjoy all of the beautiful scenery, rather than catching up on my sleep. We arrived in a port near Naples around 9:00 and took a two hour ferry to Ventotene.

The island is beautiful! It is surrounded by huge stone cliffs made from volcanic rock. This is a rock climbers paradise. As we approached the island we were able to see the several different layers of different colors and textures of stone that built up over the years. Ventotene is very small. It is only three km in length and about 800 meters wide. The water surrounding the island is not only a shade of crystal clear blue but also has tiny gold flecks that reflect in the sun light. The sand is dark, afterall the entire island is the remains of an ancient volcano so it gets very very hot.

We met up with the guide that organized our trip and found out where we were staying. I was housed in a lovely condo near the middle of the island with several other girls who were smart enough to pack multiple bottles of lemoncello! I knew we would get along just fine=)=)

We threw on our swimsuits and headed for the beach...(everyone loved the sexxy cut of my suit from Barcelona). After being so busy all week it felt great to be able to lay down and unwind for the rest of the afternoon. Once I regained some of my energy, I swam out to one immence rock cliffs off the coast of the island then climbed up on it to relax before the swim back. This was one of the areas where you can cliff dive but, I wasn't quite ready for that. Once I got back to the beach I was getting ready to pack up when a bronzed Italian approached me. We chatted for a while then decided to meet up later that evening in the piazza with both of our friends, exciting!

That night I went out with the girls for happy hour. We had cocktails and seafood antipastas at a charming cafe with lots of cute waiters=P. Then after heading back to the condos for lemoncello shots we went to the piazza to meet the ragazzi. All of them were quite bello! We headed down to the port and I practiced my Italian over mojitos. What a great night!

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Well I am officially 21...not that this matters in Europe but, I did have a spectacular birthday. My roomates bought me a bottle of Lemoncello to start the night. I wasn't familiar with this before but it tasted like liquid candy so I loved it! Essencially, it is a grain alcohol that has been fermented with lemons and sugar, very popular in Italy.

A large group of us went to a hookah bar in Trastevere. It was such a great place! We sat around several tables on comfy pillows and sampled multiple different narghiles including mango, banana, vanilla and mint. The bar also had an extensive cocktail list. We all had several delicious mojotos, coffee drinks made with khaula and neutella and bellinis.

On the way home we made the usual stop for gilatto, making my birthday truly complete=)

Tomorrow after class I'm going to the Borghese Gardens which hold a collection of the most impressive sculptures of the 15th and 16th centuries as well as other masterpieces. They include Carvaggio's David with the Head of Goliath, Raphael's Desposition and Titan's Sacred and Profane Love.

Tomorrow night Volcanoman is playing at Circolo degli Artiste with several other bands. I cant wait!

Then, Friday morning, we are all off to Ventotene for a weekend of boating, scuba diving, cliff diving and of course cocktails and gilatto!

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So, my final day in Barcelona. This was a very sad time. We went to the beach in the morning, this time we passed by the nude beaches but Chris was slightly turned off by all of the naked older men=(. So, I settled for the topless beach instead. (Surprisingly enough my fluorescently white chest didn't sunburn). For lunch we had seafood paella at a lovely beach side cafe. Mine was made with black rice and a black bean sauce.

After this we headed to Gaudi's famous architectural park. It was quite a work of art. The park was located at the top of a huge hill. (believe me, this wasnt a bad thing after finishing the paella). Gaudi's work was greatly influenced by forms of nature and this was reflected by the use of curved construction stones, twisted iron sculptures, and organic-like forms, which are traits of Barcelona architecture. All of the sculptures were decorated with colorful mosaics and vibrant patterns. It was truly a breathtaking visual experience.

After walking around Gaudi's park severl hours in amazement, it was time to leave Barcelona. =(=(=( We took a bus to Girona where we would be spending the night at a different hostel so we'd be close to the Girona airport for our 8 am flight back to Rome. This hostel was equally as nice as the last and this time we only had one other roomate. Girona seemed like a nice city. Unfortunately by the time we arrived there everything was closed but I'm going to be sure to spend some time here on my next trip to Spain. What an AMAZING weekend!

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