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So, ever since June 5tth, Guiseppe has been begging to take me out for my birthday, to wherever I please. Conicidentally, I have been dying to test out Supper Club, although my student funds dont really allow me luxuries like this! So, I finally decided to oblidge. "Supper Club" is not only a restaurant but a true dining experience, that I have never experienced before. The origional Supper Club is in Amsterdam and Roma, Istanbul and San Francisco host the wonderful venue as well.

Guiseppe picked me up on his vespa and we headed to the (very hard to find) restaurante. Once we arrived we were asked to remove our shoes (mine were brand new BCBG stillettos that just so happened to be suprisingly comfortable, so this was quite disappointing). Anyway, we were seated in a lounge with several other couples and asked for our choice of wine. I had already been sipping on lemoncello all afternoon as usual, (lol) so i decided to let Guiseppe decide. He chose a fabulous vino biancco from Calabria. We began sipping and were served peshe with asparagus for our apertivi. Apparantly the SupperClub is an extremely romantic place to be, because all of the others couples were kissing which made the situatuation just a bit aquward! We all dined in a relaxing lounge lying back on white pillows and surrounded by plants and flowers. They played a new age genre of music that was intoxicating and relaxing at the same time.

A sexy English girl with an amazing body was giving us a lovely performance while we were dining which was really something else. She stopped at each table and drizzeled lavender scented oils on the guests then dusted us off with feathers. Another girl came around and gave me a neck massage while we were waiting for the next course. The staff at the restaurate did a wonderful job. When I had to excuse myself to use the restroom, I was lead there by a hot shirtless Italian bello!

The following courses included a ragu pasta followed by filet mignon served with rosmarry potatoes and zuccini. Guiseppe didn't eat his because of his strict diet. But, I allowed myself to enjoy!

Desert included lemon ice gilatto with a dusting of powered sugar and chocolate sause. DELISH!! Afterwards we headed to the bar where I sampled amaretto and flaming sambucco. ( Note to self: Dont try sambuco for the first time while drunk) lol.

After our after post dinner drinks we were offered massages! I accepted and recieved a relaxing full neck and back massage in one of the lounges next to the bar. Afterwards I was almost unable to stand, lol, but it was well worth it!!!

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Il Mio Amore

-17 °C

Another great day...I actually slept in for once today and had a relaxing morning alone in the residence. Both of my roomates have been away all weekend and the privacy has been great! In the afternoon I went back to the dance studio for a yoga class. (once of the only things i miss about life in the states) lol. Since the first week that I arrived here my back has been aching and I've been missing yoga like crazy! The class was Ashantaga/ Vinyasa Yoga which is the style I practice at home. (the term "ashantaga" means eight limbs and vinyasa denotes a flowing dynamic form of yoga connecting breath and postures.) The class was great and the meditation at the end of the session was just what I needed.

After my class I came home and sipped lemoncello for the rest of the afternoon while I waited for Niccolo. He came to pick me up on his Vespa!! (Italian motor scooter) SO EXCITING! We weaved in and of traffic all over the city and it was apsolutely exhilerating! He drove me to the Giardino di Arancia, a beautiful park with orange trees overlooking the city. We shared a bottle of vino bianco from Sicilia and relaxed in the park.

Later that evening we met up with a group of Niccolos friends for one of their birthdays at a club in Campo di Fiori. It was a great night and the ride home on the Vespa was the perfect way to end it!!

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La Dolce Vita

Well we have all heard the term "La Dolce Vita" (The sweet life). However, now I can say I have experienced La Dolce Vita. Although I was really hoping that Niccolo would call in the morning, I was afraid that he wouldn't. But as I was preparing my daily expresso, (this has become one of my newest addictions) my telephone rang! He came to pick me up and we went to Cornetteria. My travel book includes this as one of the 1,000 places to visit before you die and they were right. I ordered a cafe ristretto and sampled several of their delicious bite size lemon merenge fruit tarts and cannolis.

Then, Niccolo decided to take me to Ponte St. Angelo. This lookout point is located at the top of one of the highest points in Rome and reached on a twisty turny road that rounds up the steep hill. The view was apsolutely breathtaking! You could see the entire city of Rome including the St. Peter's dome and the surrounding city. It was also the perfect place to share sweet italian kisses=)n7411380_3..11_1393.jpg

Time for the beach! We drove to Lido di Ostia. But, this time I wasn't laying on my towel in the sand. We went to Schilling Club, an upscale beach resort. What a fantastic place! All day we lounged around on huge cushions under canopies sipping prosccco and sampling plates of frutta, formaggio and salmon. I never wanted to leave! This place is heaven on earth. To be able to relax with a sweet Italian mans arms wrapped around me while recieving kisses all over is truly La Dolce Vita, my friends!

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Italian Culture at its Prime

So far this has been my greatest day in Italy. I truly don't think anything could have possibly happened to make it any better. I went on an excursion to the Renaissance Hilltown of Caprarola. The town was a lot like Todi and Tivoli with small winding streets, homes with delicate iron balconies and lush flowers everywhere. The trip was lead by the art history professors and we were given a tour of the 16th Century Farnese Palace. It was beautiful. After this we moved outside to the gardens. I have never seen so many different colors of hydrangeas. There were bright blues, violet, and different shades of fusha.

After touring Caprarola we went to lunch at a nice restaurant on our drive to the Roman Baths. We dined alfresco and were served a delicious Malfaldine pasta with a creamy pesto sause and vino biancho. After this we headed to the Roman Baths.....this was not only a relaxing and soothing treatment but was truly rejuvinating and invigorating as well. The water flows into the pools at 120 degrees F! However, it is then diluted with cooler fresh water. The end with the springs is warmer than my hot tub! It also is where most of the natural sulfer settles. While lounging by the spring I was told that despite the smell this sulfer is supposed to work wonders for your skin, I'm still not so sure how I feel about this. lol.

After this awakening spa treatment we headed back to Rome. One of my friends told me about a concert that was going to be held at Teatro di Marcello! This is a famous theater that was used in Ancient Rome and is one of the oldest buildings in the city that is still standing. The concert was going to be held in the outdoor courtyard. At first we were disappointed because we arrived late and they were no longer selling tickets. =( but we walked around the building and saw that from an alternate view, we could sit on the landing and have an even better view of the phenominal performance. Katia, my Russian girlfriend and I sent our date Dan to buy us a bottle of Prosecco. (Prosecco- is Italy's answer to Champagne, it is a sparkling white wine that has been a prodominant aspect of Venetian culture for centuries.) The concert was apsolutely amazing! I can't describe the high that I felt to be sitting in Teatro di Marcello sipping Prosecco and listening to the most inspiring classical music I have ever heard. The artist was outstanding. His fingers flowed along with keys of the piano with remarkable elegance and his voice projected a marvelous sensation.

After the concert Dan, Katia and I walked along the Tiber and stopped at a river side cafe for vino. They had a Jamiroquai cover band playing!! ....Quite a disappointment after the classics but still a good time. However, we could only take so much of this so we headed to Piazza Navona. We met up with some friends at a club and ordered "Italian Ice Teas" instead of Long Islands and China Whites, we still aren't quite sure what was in these! They looked beautiful when the bartender served them and were decorated with sliced strawberries, starfruit and floating rasberries...all for the price of 10Euro a drink. Ouch! Time to meet some bellos. I worked my magic at the bar and was able to get us a round of mojoits and ended up meeting the love of my life in the process! His name is Niccolo (Nick) and he is a university student in Rome. He speaks perfect english, even though he won't admit it, has lovely dimples and loves to kiss! ! ! We have plans to go to the beach tomorrow=)

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Old Bridge, Burberry London, Cioccolata!

-17 °C

Well well after living the island life all weekend it actually feels nice to be back in the city. A friend and I went to the dance studio last night. It was a large, very professional studio and reminded me of the ones I've been to in NYC. It was quite intimidating! We watched some of the classes and all of the dancers seemed to be experts. However, the Flamenco dancing didn't really go as planned. We recieved the wrong schedule and showed up for an intermediate class, plus we didn't have the proper shoes ( a necessity for all of the stomping). We later found out that these cost 85 Euro! Anyway, we decided to watch and I was in awe! These women were amazing. The teacher totally looked the part with the huge gold hoops, voluptus curves and long black hair. She was incredible! As I watched them I decided that at some point in my life I will definately learn to dance like this! Until then, my friend and I are going back to the studio tomorrow for a modern/jazz class.

On the way home we decided to go to Old Bridge, one of the famous gilatto bars. However, this place was more than your typical ice cream stand. At least 30 ppl were standing around outside licking ENORMOUS cones. In fact, I dont know how its physically possible to get that much icecream to stay on a cone! As usual I couldnt decide which flavors I wanted to try. But I went for the Zuppa Inglese- this tasted like angel food cake batter, Bacio-chocolate with nuts and Cafe. This was a delicious combination!

Today while I was at work Giuseppe and I weren't really getting much done so he suggested that we go shopping! We went to the Vatican City shops! Access to these shops is limited to the 1,500 Italian citizens that live or work in the Vatican, as well as the 2,500 people that work in the Roman Curia. Luckily I was with the proper company. We browsed around and stepped into a perfumeria. I was sampeling Burberry's newest fragrance, London as Giuseppe leaned over my soldier. He said the perfume smelled wonderful on me and told the shop keeper that we'd take it! If this wasn't enough, the next step was Cioccolata! Here, he purchased a box of imported dark swiss chocolate for each of us. Wow, I could really get used to this treatment=)=)

Anyway, I'm off to Wine Time to sample some vino and formaggio. Ciao!

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