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Last Day in Italy

When I woke up today, I was very sad because I knew it was my last day in Italy. Mom and I spent most of the day exploring the city and walking around aimlessly. I had my last lunch at l'insalata ricca 'tear'. We visited Teatro Marcello, walked around the Colosseum and I taught her everything I learned about the Forum! Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the opera!

We had dinner at a tradational Roman restaurant while listening to famous opera songs being performed live! (Dont get me wrong, this, as well as all of the other meals I've had here, was wonderful but, I'm getting just a little sick of Italian food!) Anyway, the food was great and the champaigne was even better. As I was sitting in the audience finishing my drink one of the singers came down in the audience, swept me off my feet and dragged me onstage with him! Luckily he did't ask me to sing and luckily I'm a good dancer!

After more dancing we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our departure to the US early in the morning=( While I was finishing packing, I recieved a call from Niccolo!!

I ended up meeting up with him after I was done packing and we had a lovely night together! What a perfect way to end my travels. I arrived back at the hotel just in time to grab my 3 HUGE suitcases and head to the airport.


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Rolling Stones

Today Mom and I took the train back to Roma. The rest of our travel companions were going on to Bologna but we were going to see the Rolling Stones instead!! Everyone was green with envy! When we arrived in Rome we had a few hours before the concert so I showed Mom Piazza de Popolo, The Spanish Steps and we did a little shopping on Via del Corso.

Then, we headed to the concert!! It was held in the Stadio di Olimpico, like most major events in Rome. What we experienced here was undescriable! I cant even put into words what an amazing performance we were able to see! Although the Stones have aged quite a bit, you would not have been able to tell at all. Mick Jagger was all over the stage, from one end to the other during the entire show! The set was amazing, there were displays of fireworks, light shows and even huge inflatable lips! It was the truly unforgettable!

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VENICE! St. Mark's Square, Murano glass blowing, gondola!

Today was definately one of the best days of the trip! Luckily the rain had clearned up and we had sunny skies ahead of us. We took the water taxi into Venice and were apsolutely amazed by the beauty. There were no cars anywhere! The only transportation available was by boat. Each "street" was a tiny, winding canal. The bridges, sidewalks, architecture , EVERYTHING was amazing here!

Our first stop was the Murano glass blowing factory. For those of you who dont know much about Italian culture, Venice is famous for their impressive glass art. Although there are many replicas and copies, the authentic and finest quality glass pieces are blown in the Murano factory. First we watched one of the artisans produce a delicate vase. To do this he heated a block of glass in a huge oven that was stuck on the end of the stick. Then he directed his breath through the other end of the stick to form shapes, while twisting the piece. It was truly amazing! Then,we toured the rest of the shop, they had magnificant sets of wine glasses, tea sets, serving platters, vases and even clown sculptures.

Next Mom and I headed off in search of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum! We followed our map through the windy, cobbelstone streets and finally arrived! Her collection included pieces by Jackson Pollock, Duchamp, Picasso, Klee, and Picasso, as well as several Venician artists and sculpters. It was very impressive and is supposedly one of the worlds greatest collections of modern art.

Next we met with the rest our travel companions for a lagoon cruise to Burano, the island of fisherman. This town was dazzling! Each of the houses were painted different colors, vibrant blues, oranges and pinks. Also, there were considerably fewer tourists than in Venice. We went to a lovely restaurant for yet another HUGE meal!! We were served seafood lasagna, mediterranean seasoned peshe, crab risotto, crispy calamari-(some of the best ive ever tasted) and biscotti dipped in desert wine! Im going to be so fat!

After our huge lunch we headed back to Venice. ( I could barely move). But, since we missed our Gondola ride last night we were going on the lovely serenade today! This was such a wonderful experience! I've never done anything like it! The Gondola "driver" for lack of a better word, wore the authentic red and white stripped shirt and we were served glasses of Prosecco for the cruise. We even had an accordian player on board. I will never forget this!

That evening mom and I were absolutely exhausted. It had been such a great day! We stopped at a cafe on the Grand Canal for some wine then headed back to the hotel.

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Juliet's Balcony, Verona

Italian Discovery

Well, my stomach ache, due to all of the chocolate sampling in Switzerland was much better after some sleep...Today we were headed for Venice and it was going to be a long trip! Luckily we stopped to spend the afternoon in Verona, home of Juliet Capulet's balcony. The entrance to the courtyard of the Capulet family's residence was surrounded with notes, hearts and messages that lovers had written to/about each other. How cute! lol. Mom and I had a delightful lunch at a trattoria in Verona: insalata di mar, formaggio, and vino.

By the time we arrived in Venice it was pouring down rain, and we were very disappointed. So much for our gondala ride. We had a nice 5 course meal at the hotel (I'm reallly getting sick of all these HUGE meals) then went to sleep. Hopefully it will be nicer in the morning.

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Lake Maggiore: Stresa; Lugano, Switzerland, Milan.

Today was going to be a busy busy day! We left Turin and headed to Milan, fashion capital of the World!! On the way we stopped at a lovely seaside town on Lake Lugano called Stresa. Let me tell you, it was anything but stressful here. Mom and I wanted to stay forever, our tour guide literally had to drag us back on to the bus. I promised her that when I am rich and famous someday, I will buy her a villa here.
Milan was just as I expected. Gucci, Prada, Fendi, etc, etc etc, I could go on and on. We visited to gorgeous Piazza del Duomo which was a gothic cathedral even more impressive than the one we saw in Florence. We also stopped by a mosaic on the sidewalk when we saw several people grounding their heals onto something. We asked what was going on and it turns out that if you gound your right heal onto the "balls of the bull" pictured here, that you will have a life of good luck. I of course took advantage! As we were heading back to our bus one of the street vendors placed corn in Mom's hand. Suddenly a huge flock of pigions attacked her from every direction! After this "experience" the vendor asked us for 5 Euro. Sorry, but No thanks. I gave him 5 Euro cent instead. lol.

Now we were heading to Switzerland. Home to one of lifes sweetest passions, CHOCOLATE! Althogh this was going to be a quick stop and we would only have time to visit a few places I spent all of my time in the Chocolatiers. We sampled cherry liquor truffels, rasberry chocolate tarts, key lime white coconut patties, brandy dipped dark chocolates, you name it! My throat and stomach were both coated with chocolate for the next several hours, it was quite an intense feeling!!

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